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October 2017
Books make attribution a breeze Oct 23 - F. Michael Fazzari read

September 2017
Label grade can be wrong sometimes Sep 29 - F. Michael Fazzari read

August 2017
Practice will help you find those 70s Aug 21 - F. Michael Fazzari read

March 2017
Benefits of certification Mar 10 - Mike Thorne, Ph.D. read

February 2017
Grading experiences Feb 24 - Mike Thorne, Ph.D. read

Whizzing occurs in varying degrees Feb 22 - F. Michael Fazzari read

January 2017
Quality rewarded at Las Vegas sale Jan 06 read

November 2016
Grading your coins Nov 18 read

March 2014
Surface Quality Rated on Ancient Coins Mar 13 - Richard Giedroyc, NN Express read

January 2014
Morgan Obverse Most Important Jan 15 - F. Michael Fazzari read

November 2013
Sometimes Bad-Looking Coins Real Nov 18 - F. Michael Fazzari, Numismatic News read

October 2013
Test Yourself by Getting Coins Graded Oct 31 - F. Michael Fazzari, Numismatic News read

Suggested Form Proved Too Costly Oct 16 - F. Michael Fazzari, Numismatic News read

September 2013
Don't Be Extreme With Magnification Sep 20 - F. Michael Fazzari, Numismatic News read

More Thoughts on Fake 1921 Half Sep 03 - F. Michael Fazzari, Numismatic News read

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