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These Key Rarities Unlock the Sets
Key coins are the stoppers in a series, the coins with the lowest mintages and often the highest values. These are the coins that everybody needs for set completion, but there aren’t enough survivors to go around.

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The Big Nickel Lie; Two Guns' Famed Mug Not Used

“Have you seen the new nickel, the five-cent pieces with the Indian’s head and buffalo?” Louis Hill asked in a memo to Hoke Smith. “If you have not, I would suggest you get one of these from one of the banks and get up a story on the new ‘See America First’ Glacier Park Nickle [sic], with profile of White Calf.”

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First Small Cent's Flight Was Short and Turbulent

The Flying Eagle cent’s flight was short and turbulent. The Mint struck 1856-dated patterns for distribution to congressmen and newspaper editors. The idea was to publicize the cent’s new design, smaller size and copper-nickel composition. Later, the Mint created 1856 Flying Eagle cent restrikes for collectors. Millions of regular-issue Flying Eagle cents poured from the Mint’s presses in 1857 and 1858, until striking problems compelled officials to replace the design with the Indian Head cent.
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Half Dollar's Release Was Heralded

You had to be there. The release of the first Kennedy half dollars was the biggest thing to hit coin collecting in many years. As the July 1964 issue of Boy’s Life put it, no other coin had quite the same reception as the 1964 Kennedy half dollar.
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