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NumisMaster Coin Price Guide Packages

Determine the value of any coin or currency with the following coin price guide packages!

  • 1,000,000+ coin & paper money values, updated daily!
  • The most individual coin & paper money listings of any online database
  • Coin Pricing information from Krause Standard Catalog series, the world’s most trusted name in coin pricing
  • Store up to 1,000 coins, currencies and values in your online portfolio
  • Extremely secure data storage

Based on 50-plus years of Krause Publications data and updated daily by a team of experts, NumisMaster price guides are the only source you need to find current coin prices and keep your coin collection’s value up to date. Buy just the guide you need-by century or geography!

To subscribe to a guide, you must either Or for a new My NumisMaster account.
Numismaster All-Access Coin Price Guide
Get full access to the entire paper money & coin price guide database and 1,000,000+ coin values.

Monthly   ($15.95)
Yearly   ($109.95)

United States Paper Money Price Guide
An indispensable paper money price guide with nearly 200 years of United States federal currency values.

You will find concise descriptions and current market values in up to 4 grades of preservation for large and small size currency, silver and gold certificates, national bank notes by state, pre-Civil War treasury notes and more!

Monthly   ($8.95)
Yearly   ($49.95)

United States 5 Cents
United States Twenty Dollars

World Coin Price Guide 1601 to Date
Our newest subscription offer! We've combined our 17th century to 21st century World Coin Price Guides into one offer. Now have access to over 500,000 coin values and 100,000 coin images from every nation for one subscription price.
Monthly   ($13.95)
Yearly   ($89.95)

Austria Schilling
Monaco 5 Sols

North American & US Coins Price Guide
The coins of the United States, Mexico and Canada are featured in this North American & US coin price guide.

Developed by the market analysts at Krause Publications, this coin price guide features every coin ever minted with more than 80,000 price listings and 3,000 illustrations. Find your US coin values today!
Monthly   ($13.95)
Yearly   ($89.95)

US Colonial America Halfpenny
United States Cent

Unusual World Coin Price Guide
Tap in to the mystical side of coin collecting with this unusual coin price guide containing coin issues from the realms of fantasy, micro-nations, exiled royalty, imitators, promoters and islands not yet discovered.

Coin collectors will find the coins of Camelot among the 15,000+ coin listings.
Monthly   ($8.95)
Yearly   ($49.95)

Kamberra Island 2 Numismas
Latvia Euro


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