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Beginner Coin Collecting

Beginner Articles Offering Tips & Advice From the Experts!

Yes, learning how to start collecting coins is confusing. Let us help clarify! The following beginner coin collecting articles will guide you on your way to learning how to start a coin collection quickly and easily. 50+ years of hobby information from the experts at NumisMaster & KP Numismatics has been distilled into these top articles, and should answer the most prevalent questions you may have when you begin collecting coins.

How Much is Your Coin or Currency Worth? >>

The most common question asked by beginning coin collectors is one that can't be answered: "How much is this coin worth?" "Is my coin worth anything?" No one can answer such questions. Why not? Read More >>

How to Buy Coins & Currency >>

There are many different resources available to you when you decided to purchase a coin, the most common include the Internet, auctions and coin dealers. Read More >>

How to Sell Coins & Currency >>

If you want to know how to sell old coins, or any coins for that matter, you need to start with a detailed description of the merchandise. Learn as much about the coin as possible - denomination, date, mintmark, anything that looks wrong. Read More >>

How to Clean or Handle Coins & Currency >>

We all are used to touching and holding coins. You pull out a handful and spend them, or pay for something and put the rest back in your pocket or purse. How did you hold the coins you used? Most likely you made one of the most common of mistakes in handling coins for a collection. Read More >>

How to Store Coins & Currency >>

No matter what the job, you need tools and other equipment to get the job done. Coin collecting is no different. It's much easier and more fun if you have the right tools. Read More >>

Bullion Coins (Gold, Silver & Platinum) >>

Struck from precious metal and filled with collector value, bullion coins have become quite popular over the years for beginner coin collectors and investors alike. Read More >>


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