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Chinese Coins

Find Expert Advice for Collecting Chinese Coins & Currency

Collecting Chinese coins and currency has become a hot trend in recent years due to the gorgeous coin designs, low mintages of modern chinese coins, and the historical/cultural storytelling nature of Chinese coins.

If you're just getting started in collecting Chinese coins, we recommend you educate yourself with the expert advice and news offered below from our editors, industry experts and Chinese coin dealers.

Chinese Coin Collecting

Expert Advice from Industry Insiders on Chinese Coins

Chinese Gold Coins

Modern Chinese Coins: Determining Value >>

Every day people purchase Modern Chinese coins, and every day they have to make decisions about how much to pay for coins. There are several factors in determining a coin’s value...

Read More on How to Determine the Value of a Coin >>

Articles in the Modern Chinese Coin series:

China's First Western-Style Coin on Block

China's First Western-Style Coin on Block >>

In early China, the monetary system developed in an entirely different way than the one in Europe. Until recently, the coins of the West – at least the ones that weren’t used as change – were small ingots of precious metal whose intrinsic value was directly linked to their nominal value. The Chinese copper coins and China’s famous paper money, by contrast, were fiat money, just like our present-day currency. That means that their value was based on a mutual agreement concerning the copper coins and on an imperial warranty concerning the paper money. Read More >>

What We Learn from One Fake

What We Learn from One Fake >>

Today, in this era of very deceptive counterfeit coins, one has to be extremely careful. The technique used to produce excellent fakes has spread worldwide. Countries such as Germany and Israel were making deceptive counterfeit coins long before the Chinese threat surfaced. History is repeating itself again. Right now, we are receiving hundreds of copper and silver Chinese coins for authentication. Some of these coins are crude copies and some are proving to be deceptive fakes. Only more familiarity with the coins of China will make our job of authenticating these easier. Read More >>

Panda Date Sets Fun Collecting Focus

Panda Date Sets Fun Collecting Focus >>

Chinese news reports that star money manager and Investment Biker author Jim Rogers recently plunked down $270,000 in a Beijing coin store. What was he after? Pandas, gold and silver Pandas. Had the famed investor got wind of the 1997 silver Panda that went from $2,250 to $41,700 in just three years? Or did word reach him of the Panda Index1 that has run up from $10,000 to $50,000 in five years? Read More >>

Flags Fly on Republic of China Coins

Flags Fly on Republic of China Coins >>

The flag coins of the Republic show the Kuomintang, or army, flag and the flag of the Republic, which had five stripes – red for the Chinese, yellow for the Manchus, blue for the Mongols, white for the Mohammedans and black for the Tibetans. Later the national flag became red, with a canton of blue and a white sun. Read More >>

Flags Fly on Republic of China Coins

Massive Ancient Chinese Coin Hoard Unearthed >>

In a recent discovery, more than two tons of ancient coins in Shaanxi Province in northwest China. A detailed listing of the coins, found when workmen were excavating at the site of a playground to expand a primary school, was not yet ready when this article was being written. According to the June 10 China Review, once the coins were discovered, the site was closed to further construction and was swarmed by "more than 70 archaeologists, officials and police." Read More >>

Featured Chinese Coin Dealers

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