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Hedley Betts | Medals

40 Years of Trusted Service

Website | Email | Phone: 1-408-266-9255

Hedley Betts – Medals was established 40 years ago in England. In 1980 Betts moved the business to the United States. Specializing in historical and art medals, the firm actively seeks medals for collectors. Submit a “want list,” consult about your specific collecting interest or subscribe to the firm’s mailing list. Customer satisfaction is key.

The medals listed on the website represent a cross section of the stock of medals offered by the firm. The selection of medals is as wide as varied as the interests of medal collectors.

New Products >>

As a leader in historical and art medals, Hedley Betts is constantly updating inventory. Here you will find some of the most treasured medals of the world. From marking the execution of Marie Antoinette to celebrating the coronation of Great Britain’s Geroge VI, the selection of medals is ever changing and ever growing.

Books and Accessories >>

A vast selection of authoritative books and catalogs serves the medal collector at Hedley Betts – Medals. Whether the interest be in commemorative medals, medallic portraits or campaign medals, the library of available books is most certain to provide the information sought by today’s collector of medals.

French Medals >>

Share in the history of France through a collection of its medals. Hedley Betts offers more than 400 medals of France, from the 1500s onward. Each medal honors an important battle, leader, marriage or monarch.

British Medals >>

From medals of the 1100s honoring Henry I and Henry II to medals of the 20th century honoring the 25th anniversary of the investiture of the Prince of Wales, the British medals offered by Hedley Betts represent the most comprehensive look at great events of the British Isles.

American Medals >>

The medals of America honor the people, places, events and institutions that bind these United States. Whether honoring a founding father and inventor like Benjamin Franklin or recognizing the contributions of the American Numismatic Association, the medals of America tell a story of a young country with an eye to the future.


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