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Full Service Dealer of Coins, Stamps, Currency, Precious Metals and Supplies

Harry Miller
Owner/Numismatic Consultant
Website | Email | Phone: 631-475-5353
313 E. Main St. | Patchogue, NY 11772-3114 | USA

Miller's Mint Ltd. serves customers at its storefront in Maryville, Tenn., and through an extensive show schedule. If you are in the market to buy or sell world coins, know that you can trust the experience and expertise of Harry Miller and his staff.

A well-respected world coin dealer, Miller's Mint puts honesty and integrity at the center of every transaction. Whether in the market for ancient coins, commemorative coins or modern coins, be assured that Miller's Mint is the foreign coin dealer who meets your collecting needs, whether buying or selling.

Miller's Mint works with customers to meet their individual collecting needs, whether they are a beginning or experienced collector.

Tennessee storefront:
Phone: 865-982-4420
200 E. Broadway Ave. | Suite 315 | Maryville, TN 37804-5755
Hours: M-Th: 10am-5pm | Fri: 10am-7pm | Sat-Sun: Closed

World Coins >>

World coins offer something for everyone. You can collect by country, type, denomination, year, shape or topic. The possibilities are endless. As the euro taken hold in the European Union, the prior coinage of its participating countries is growing in popularity as collectibles. Miller's Mint has a vast inventory of world coins and the expertise to help you assemble a collection of your liking.

Ancient Coins >>

Think of them as miniature advertisements. Ancient rulers liked to spread word of their power and accomplishments through the coinage of the day. Every civilization had coins of various shapes and sizes that were used extensively in trade. Just think of it – you could touch a coin that was used to buy a piece of pottery at a Roman marketplace. Greece, Carthage, Egypt, and Macedonia come alive today through the ancient coins we collect.

Classic Commemorative Coins >>

The U.S. Mint has a long history of issuing commemorative coins to honor special events, people and places. The extensive inventory of classic commemorative coins at Miller's Mint include such favorites as an 1893 Columbian Expo One-Half Dollar in MS-65, a 1924 Lafayette Dollar in MS-63 and a 1935 Connecticut One-Half Dollar in MS-64.

U.S. Coins >>

Miller’s Mint inventor of U.S. coins includes coinage from the earliest days of the United States. At the onset, colonial and foreign coins were used in trade, and they are reflected in the extensive offerings. And if the U.S. Mint produced it, Miller’s Mint has it  – regular issues, commemoratives, proof and mint sets and gold, silver and platinum coins.

U.S. Currency >>

The history of the United States comes alive through its paper money, with each note providing a vignette of the past. The vast selection of paper money at Miller's Mint includes Large-Size Notes (1861-1923, Small-Size Notes (1928-present); National Notes (1865-1928); and Military Payment Currency (1947-1973). It also includes Fractional Notes (1861-1923); Error Notes (all dates); Obsolete Notes (private issues 1800-1877); Depression Scrip (1907 and 1933); Colonial Notes (1690-1799); and a wide variety of related paper scrip.




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