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Modern Chinese Coins

Your Guide to Modern Chinese Coins

Brought to you by Majestic Rarities

What do Modern Chinese Coins Look Like?
Guide to Modern Chinese Coin Pictures
The Year of the Child, 35 yuan
Guide to Modern Chinese Coin Pictures
1995 1 oz Proof Gold Panda, 100 yuan
Guide to Modern Chinese Coin Pictures
1988 1 oz Proof Gold Dragon, 100 yuan

Modern Chinese coins have been gaining attention since 2004. We are now heading into the eighth year of increasing demand. The amount of people entering this segment of the market is phenomenal. The reasons are quite simple and easy to understand. The designs are beautiful. These are stunning coins with low mintages. And perhaps one of the most powerful reason for the amount of collectors, investors and dealers getting involved in the Modern Chinese coin program is because these coins tell a story about the history and culture of China.

Think about a population over one billion strong, combined with one of the strongest world economies and the largest growing middle-class. It’s not rocket science why these Modern Chinese coins have become so popular.

The Birth of Modern Chinese Coins

Most of the Modern Chinese coins minted from 1979 until the mid 1990’s were struck for export. These coins were not kept in China; they were sent to Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Europe and the United States to name a few places. The distribution pattern changed depending on the coin minted and the official distributor network at the time.

Bringing Modern Chinese Coins Back Home

In recent years, China has become very aggressive in effort to bring their national treasures back home. Many of these Modern Chinese coins are highly sought after and are being returned back to China. The same holds true for art and other collectibles. The amount of money being poured into Modern Chinese coins is staggering. I have sat in auction rooms and watched young people purchase $2,000,000 at a time like it was nothing.

The average age of the Chinese collector is very young. They are smart and realize the importance of these rarities.

The China Mint

The China Mint is very progressive by having a wide range and diverse product line. They have coins with mintages of 10 to millions. They strike coins in Gold, Silver and Platinum in many different denominations to allow for many choices. They have something for everyone and encourage the public to purchase Gold and coins in general.

Overall, the Chinese Mint is very creative regarding how they involve the public and make people want to collect these Modern Chinese coins.

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The content of this article has been provided by Majestic Rarities. Please visit their website to see coins on display and a great deal of information contained in the blog section. Majestic Rarities will have a 2012 Modern Chinese coin calendar available soon, and they are in the process of writing a coffee table type of book called History, Culture and Modern Chinese coins.

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