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Old Currency LLC - National bank notes, large size U.S. Type notes, star notes
paper money dealer

We are the Top Buyers of Old Money in the U.S.A.
Phone: 1-864-430-4020 | Email

Old Currency, LLC serves the numismatic needs of collectors, banks, trusts, estates, and museums throughout The United States. We attend most large national coin shows.

We specialize in valuing and buying bank notes printed between 1860 and 1930. Our specialties include national currency, large size U.S. type notes, and rare star notes. We also deal in rare colonial, obsolete, confederate, and foreign bank notes. You will find our dealings fair on both the buy and sell side.


Large Size Bank Notes >>

These are the backbone of the paper money hobby. Dozens of designs were used and you could spend anywhere from $10 to a couple million dollars for an example of each type. You can have fun with these no matter your budget.

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National Currency >>

This is a hotly contested area of within the field of numismatics. Most collectors focus on a single state or county. Factors like the type of note and the serial number significantly affect the value of these rarities printed between 1863 and 1929.

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Five Dollar Bank Notes >>

Many collectors focus on a particular denomination. If you like $5 bills then you can buy Morgan back dollars, silver certificate Indian Chiefs, or Porthole notes (just to name a few). Demand notes and treasury notes were also issued for the denomination.

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Ten Dollar Bank Notes >>

Today a $10 bill might not go very far or look very interested. However, a century ago they were small works of art that could pay a lot of bills. We all know about bisons and poker-chip notes, but there is a lot more to learn when it comes to this denomination.

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Twenty Dollar Bank Notes >>

This is the highest denomination that is readily available for most design types. Our guide has pictures and prices for all $20 bills printed by The United States between 1861 and 1934. Find out what yours is worth for free.

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