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Charity Tokens Tough from the Start
By Donald H. Dool, World Coin News
May 30, 2013

This article was originally printed in World Coin News.
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There are 19 of the Eklund reprints; four of them do not deal with countries but with tokens of a kind. This month’s column focuses on one of those, “Charity Tokens of the Netherlands.” I just bought two of these, which makes four out of 136 listed by Eklund, not much of a start. Unlike a lot of areas where you start off like gangbusters and then run into a brick wall, here it seems you start at the wall.

Before getting to the tokens, a few words about Eklund and Neumann. Of the 136 tokens Eklund has photos of, 53 I assume were in his collection. In the preface of this work he mentions that the descriptions come from Neumann’s “great work” and his own collection. He cross-references 26 of the listings with Neumann, that must have been difficult as Volume 7, the indices, was published after Eklund died.

The charity tokens were given out at the church services to be used for food and could then be redeemed by the merchants. They also served as a way to encourage church attendance.

In addition to the Charity Tokens and in a similar vein, I have included a Spanish pelofa from Besalau and a Bursary Token from Munster. A pellofa is a local token of the church given to the choir as salary especially in Catalonia. They usually have religious symbols. The function of the Bursary tokens is unclear to me, maybe a reader can enlighten me.

I will spend May in Argentina so be prepared for a rundown of my trip. Contact Dool with questions, corrections and comments at

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