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IAPN Chooses Officers at Congress
By World Coin News
July 23, 2013

This article was originally printed in World Coin News.
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New officers were elected and book awards were conferred by the International Association of Professional Numismatists at its 62nd General Assembly May 23-26 in Leipzig, Germany.

Details of the meeting were provided by the organization.

For the first time, a German president was elected while the congress was conducted in Germany.

To serve a two-year term as president is Arne Kirsch (F.R. Kuenker, Germany), first vice president is Kent Ponterio (Ponterio, United States), second vice president is Mathias Paoletti (Bernardi, Italy)

Serving two-year terms on the executive committee members are in alphabetical order:

Byfield, Graham (Baldwin, UK)
Elmen, Jim (WorldWide Coins, USA)
Lang, Joe (Steve Album, USA)
McFadden, Eric (CNG, USA)
Pastrone, Frederico (Ed. Gadoury, MC)
Van der Schueren, Jean-Luc (V.d.Schueren, B)
Vivo, Jesús Jr. (Jesús Vico, E)
Wilkes, Tim (Wilkes, UK).

There were 15 works submitted for consideration for book awards. They were voted on by the membership.

After voting, the submitted books were donated to the coin cabinet of the University of Leipzig.

First place winner is Ronachai Krisadaolarn and Vasilijs Mihailovs for Siamese Coins – From the Funan to the Fifth Reign published by River Books Co. Ltd, Bangkok, 2012, 272 pages, hardbound, retail price 2,495 baht – $100. ISBN 978-974986354-1

Second place was awarded to Antonio Arcangelo Vessella for Greek Coins Campania Compulteria – Caiatia – Acerrae – Gensernia – Irnthiiatella – Calatia – Velecha published by the author, Aversa, 2012

Third place was taken by Rafael Tauler Fesser for Oro Macuquino Catalogo Imperio Espanol 1474 a 1756 1,2,4 y 8 Escudos Cecas del Viejo y Nuevo Mundo published by Zugarto Ediciones, Madrid, 2011 572 pages, hardbound, retail price 100 euro. ISBN 978-84-88155-99-3 Two new firms were voted into membership.

They are: Marti Hervera of Barcelona, Spain, and London Coins Ltd. (Stephen Lockett) of New Ash Green, Kent, in Great Britain.

Host of this year’s event was hosted by the German firm Leipziger Münzhandlung.

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Reports were also given by IBSCC and of the Anti Forgery Committee, which had met three times to examine and deliberate on several numismatic items, several of which were declared to be forgeries or non-contemporary issues.

IAPN raised 2,700 euros for local charity Bärenherz. The Bärenherz organization is a children’s hospice that’s relies heavily on donations and receives no state funding. Bärenherz helps treat and diagnose children with severe illnesses and incurable diseases giving 24-hour nursing care. The organization opened in 2004 with outpatient treatment and home visits. In 2008 it started its hospice with 12 children and five patient homes.

Members were given a tour of Leipzig’s Old City Hall by a member of the “Stadwache” (city guard). Since 1909, the old city hall has been a Museum of Municipal History. Among the many objects on display is the wedding ring of Katharina von Bora, wife of the reformer Martin Luther.

The museum’s coin cabinet displayed a wide variety of rare coins and medals from Saxony. One set of objects on display was an early set of dies used for hammered coinage. Early hand hammered dies of this nature were used to produce coinage for roughly 2,700 years and during that time remained relatively unchanged. The bottom die or “pile” would be placed into an anvil and planchets were hammered by hand with the top die or “trussel” to produce a coin.

The University of Leipzig was also visited. Founded in 1543, it houses over four million books and bibliographic items. It also houses some 82,000 numismatic items.

The city of Leipzig has a rich musical history. The grave of Johann Sebastian Bach who worked in Leipzig (1723-1750) is located in St. Thomas’ Church. The composer Richard Wagner was also born in this city in 1813. Its rich history has a long list of ties to famous composers and musicians.

A tour of the old Synagogue and mikveh in the almost completely intact medieval city centre of Erfurt was also offered. Here on display was a massive collection of medieval treasures, discovered during an archaeological excavation in 1998. The objects were probably buried in 1349 and are considered unique in their depth and scope. This includes a hoard of 3,140 silver coins, 14 silver ingots and approximately 6,000 works in gold from the 13th and 14th centuries.

IAPN will conduct its 63rd annual congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 2014, to be hosted by the firm Editions V. Gadoury.

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