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‘Bitcoin’ Gets Physical Form
By Numismatic News
November 08, 2013

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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If bitcoin virtual currency is too virtual for you, Titan Mint has found a way to put it in tangible form as well as make it collectible.

Titan Bitcoins are made of a copper-zinc alloy called goldine. They are 34 millimeters in diameter and weigh 12 grams, or 0.42 ounce. Higher denominations are silver and gold.

Though the coin itself is actually not spendable in the conventional sense, the Titan Mint has found a way to make it function like a gift card.

Obverse of the Titan Bitcoin has an image of what is called a Greco-Roman hero with a Latin legend that translates to “One Currency for All.”

But it is the reverse side where the value can be unlocked. On it is an eight-digit identification QR code. Scan it with any smart phone to see the coin’s current value in dollars, Titan Mint said.

Under the hologram is a one-time use redemption code that is revealed if you peel off the seal. It can then be entered on Titan Mint’s website to initiate the transfer procedure.

Bitcoin values fluctuate day to day. On Nov. 5 one bitcoin was worth $252.61. Price of the bitcoin from the Titan Mint also fluctuates. It was $329 as this story was written Nov. 6. For current price, visit

Tim Fillmore, CEO of the Titan Mint, said, “We’re looking to attract the everyday consumer to this new currency with our Titan Bitcoins.”

Bitcoin virtual currency was created four years ago. There are 12 million in virtual existence with an ultimate ceiling of 21 million. The amount in existence is tied to the number that can be “mined” by computers solving complicated math problems.

There is no central bank or any other guarantor behind them. They can be transferred anonymously online with balances held in “wallets.”

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On November 8, 2013 Chris Kiefer said
I'd just like to point out that the bitcoin has been minted in physical form since 2011 by a small manufacturer called Casascius.

The design featured in this article by Titan seems to mimic Casascius' design, with a traditional coin obverse and a hologram-filled reverse. Titan's unique advance is its Q-Code addition, a feature I believe one day will find its way onto paper currency.

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