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Have You Seen the New $100s in Circulation?
By Bank Note Reporter
March 10, 2014

This article was originally printed in Bank Note Reporter.
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Have you seen the new $100s in circulation?

Below are answers to the Bank Note Reporter poll question in a recent e-newsletter, sent to BNR editor Robert R. Van Ryzin.

At my church, I help count money in the offering and we get them all the time since they came out.

Wallace Phillips
West Chester, Ohio

Yes, I have seen several of the new $100 bills. I received most of them from ATM transactions. I like the new note and hope that its security features serve their function well.

James J. O’Connell III

I saw the amazing new $100 notes at the BEP’s display during the ANA World’s Fair of Money in Chicago last August, and then I saw them in my home town the first few days they officially went into circulation in October. But I have an advantage: I live in Las Vegas, and the gaming industry here is used to dealing with $100s.

The staff at my local branch of Nevada State Bank told me they had many customers who requested new $100s during the first days the notes went into circulation. They said the public reaction was quite positive about the appearance of the notes and the anti-counterfeiting features.

I agree. It took longer than expected for the next generation of notes, but the BEP did an outstanding job.

Donn Pearlman
Las Vegas, Nev.

Yes, and so far all serial prefixes but e.

Jon Kukk
Naples, Fla.

The Atlantic Club casino in Atlantic City (now closed) was giving out the new $100s last week. I went to cash in lots of casino chips from my collection and duplicates that were being called in by the closing deadline and was surprised to be given two of them.

Archie Black
Brick, N.J.

Yes, I have seen the new $100 bills. In fact, I have a star note right from the bank.

Mike Herbut
Warminster, Pa.

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The new $100 bill has been circulating in the New York City area since its announced release. Although I have heard some negative comments about the bill, I find it almost a welcome relief from our ancient, boring and very outdated currency.

Some say it looks like play money, but I find all the security features very cool.

Now, if only the Mint can find a solution for the old, tired, passé circulating coinage they produce, maybe more people would take notice.

P.S. BEP: Start producing a $500 or $1,000 note again.

New York

Yes, I’ve seen the new $100 bills in circulation.

I had a Christmas job at a Macy’s in New Jersey, and received a few of the new $100 bills as payment.

John C. Kozimbo
Westfield, N.J.

I have not seen one in commerce yet, but I went to the bank the first week they were issued to pick one up and ended up taking 13 consecutively numbered bills because they were star notes issued on the Chicago Fed.

I went back to the same teller at the same bank two days later to get more, but all the stars were gone by then.

I like the design.

Rick Firfer

Although I live in Australia, I wrote my son-in-law in Texas to try and get me the new $100 notes. He went to a New Braunfells bank five days after the announced release date and asked about them. A staff person said they had received some of the new $100s just the day before. He broke a pack and passed three of them to my son-in-law.

I had them about a week later. I let two go to friends at the Melbourne International Bank Note Society chapter meeting, keeping one for myself.

Don Cleveland

Yes, I have seen the new $100 notes. Approximately one month ago, I received six of them from a casino ATM.

They were of no use as the slot machines would not recognize them.

Edison, N.J.

Send an e-mail to Editor Robert R. Van Ryzin at or mail it to Robert R. Van Ryzin, Bank Note Reporter, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990.

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