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Berlin Forum Unveils New Collector Coins
By Richard Giedroyc, World Coin News
March 18, 2014

This article was originally printed in World Coin News.
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If you are a collector of current coins the technical forum held during the Feb. 6-8 World Money Fair at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin may be of interest to you. The annual forum is the venue at which mints from all over the world introduced their latest collector coin programs and innovations.

The WMF is an unusual numismatic event that involves both the industrial and retail aspects of collector coinage. The event places mints as the product manufacturers under the same roof as the media and the traditional collecting public. The mints, the media, and the public each get their moment in the sun as the event progresses. Mints have the opportunity to speak among themselves and to make arrangements with potential new product distributors.

The media, both hobby and public, sit in on the technical forum at which each mint unveils its latest ideas, products, and innovations. The traditional collecting public gets its opportunity to purchase both older and current coins from mints, central banks, distributors, and coin dealers once the bourse opens later in the show.

The mints making presentations at the technical forum primarily unveiled new commemorative coins that will be marketed during 2014. The Staatliche Münzen Baden-Württemberg and the Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt München were a noteworthy exception, jointly presenting an innovative coin employing fusing a polymer transparent or translucent ring as part of a ringed bimetal coin. The transparency or see-through element was introduced as an innovative security device which when held to the light will appear to be clear or tinted.

New technology involving coin graphics was also unveiled during the forum. The software company DELCAM Plc.– ArtCAM presented a program already in use for design tooling by some mints.

Collectors seeking to collect new coins that will be available during 2014 have quite a selection ahead of them.

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Muenzen Osterreich, the Austrian Mint, will issue a two-toned niobium composition Dawn of a New Era coin marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This event is closely identified with the collapse of communist governments throughout the then Soviet sphere of influence.

Casa da Moneda do Brasil, the Mint of Brazil, will be offering an ambitious Olympic 20-coin program through coin distributor MDM in Germany throughout the next three years. The 16 1-reais coins will each be ringed bimetal issues.

Several mints announced series rather than individual commemorative coin programs. Germany will issue a lengthy 2014 €100 UNESCO gold coin series as well as other individual commemoratives, while Japan will continue its ongoing series honoring each of that nation’s prefectures.

South Africa will continue its protea 25- and 1-rand coin Life of a Legend series introduced during 2013 honoring the late Nelson Mandela. An additional Nocturnal Hunters gold coin series, and additional individual commemoratives are also planned.

Gold and silver coins will be issued for the Treasures of Spanish Museum series and for a series featuring Vasco Nunez de Balboa’s expedition by Spain.

Monnaie de Paris (French Mint) will continue its ongoing From Clovis to the Republic coin series.

There were 18 speakers representing 23 entities at the technical forum held at this year’s WMF. There were 55 mints (both government- and privately-owned) and central banks on the bourse floor. Dutch euro coins were offered to the public in special WMF packaging, while the Royal Canadian Mint offered a silver Maple Leaf coin with a special WMF privy mark. The Perth Mint, located in western Australia, sought bragging rights displaying a one-ton $1 million gold coin the mint billed as the largest coin in the world.

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