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By Clifford Mishler
October 11, 2017

With the years passing, I am finding myself traveling less. Holding memberships in roughly 100 numismatic organizations from hither and yon, as most of them publish journals or newsletters, that’s leaving me with more time to absorb the contents of these offerings. Hardly a day goes by that one or more of them fail to show up in my mailbox. While much of the content of those publications would certainly be of limited interest outside their respective audiences, I’m finding some of it to possibly be of broader appeal.  Thus, going forward, I’m going to undertake to share brief capsulized extractions from some of those interesting items with Numismatic News readers from time to time.

CALIFORNIA: A detailed article – “Disinfect Before Handling” – featured in the Summer 2017 issue of The California Numismatist explores the development and survival history of the Culion Leper Colony in the Philippines, and its distinctive coin and note issues, from 1898 to 1945. Author Donald Lannon reports that while isolated Culion is no longer a restricted island – tourists freely explore its ancient ruins, hike along its trails, and are emotionally moved when visiting its leper museum – today a general health Culion Sanitarium and General Hospital leper sanitarium successor serves the populace, “when they injure something, and seldom do they stay long.”

ILLINOIS: The Chicago Coin Club’s Chatter monthly newsletter reports that among the 11 exhibitors announced by Second  Ice President John Riley at the June meeting was a presentation by Lyle Daly who showed a Feb. 15, 1944, dated 10-cent note from the Westerbork Concentration Camp in Holland. From July 1942 to Sept. 3, 1944, Westerbork was a transit camp for Dutch Jews deported to German-occupied Poland “killing centers” at Auschwitz and Sobibor, and to the Theresienstadt ghetto in Czechoslovakia, and the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. He stated that Anne Frank was among those who passed through Westerbork.
MARYLAND: In an article on palladium coinage in the Summer 2017 issue of MSNA’s Maryland Numismatist, author Mark Benvenuto shares background on the origins and naming of this periodic table element (#46). Palladium was discovered as a new element in 1803, at about the same time as the asteroid Pallas was named. The second largest asteroid after Ceres, it was named because of Pallas’ relation to Athena. The only U.S. mining source of the metal is in south-central Montana.

OHIO: The lead article in the June 2017 issue of The Cincinnati Numismatist – The Faces of Change – led the information packed pages of the Cincinnati Numismatic Association’s June 2017 newsletter. It explores the recent trend of U.S. coin design portraiture shifting from profiles to facing, author David Golden observing; “The Mint has gone from status quo of side profile images to a blast of numerous front facing profiles in the last 17 years.”

OKLAHOMA: Editor Brian Miller in the July-Sept. 2017 issue of the ONA journal Mint Luster recounts his attachment to 1909-S Lincolns. At age 13 and living in Cheyenne, Wyo, he acquired a 1909-S at the shop of Dwight Brockman, telling the owner he would be back to buy a 1909-S VDB. Later he sold the 1909-S to Brockman, so he could buy a water pump for his car, then bought it back six months later. The time to buy that 1909-S VDB arrived years later. In 2008 Miller drove back to Cheyenne to buy it from Brockman, who removed the coin from his own collection to sell to Miller.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Major changes in store for the South Carolina Numismatic Association convention, as reported in the June 2017 issue of the SCanner. Space availability issues have forced the organization to shift its 45th show, scheduled for Oct. 27-29, 2017, (on Halloween weekend as usual), to the Municipal Auditorium in Spartanburg, about 20 miles from what has for many years been its customary location in Greenville. After serving as bourse chairman of the event since 2006, Dr. Anthony (Tony) Chibbaro will be stepping down following this year’s event, where president Erik Larsen will be also turning the gavel over to a new leader.

UTAH: Three national banks of Utah are the subject of an ongoing informative exploration in The Mint Master, the July 2017 monthly newsletter of the Utah Numismatic Society. Authored by editor Doug Nyholm, this sixth installment in the series brings to 18 the number of banks covered, with 16 still to come. The issue also features an ”identify these U.S. mints” feature.

VIRGINIA: Upcoming plans for the 59th anniversary Virginia Numismatic Association convention in Fredericksburg Sept. 22-24 were announced by president Parry Bragg in the Spring 2017 issue of its quarterly journal, The Virginia Numismatist. VNA replica currency will be awarded to those youths successfully completing a Scavenger Hunt, for bidding in a Youth Auction. Banquet speaker will be Wayne Homren, editor of the E-Sylum weekly electronic newsletter of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society. Passing of long time members noted; Page Mann on April 21, Dr. Ott the first week of May.
WISCONSIN: The Summer 2017 issue of N.O.W. News, announced free word ads for members. A cake celebrated the Madison Coin Club’s 85th anniversary when it hosted the Numismatists of Wisconsin’s 57th anniversary gathering on March 17. It also issued a special wood celebrating both anniversaries. An article by Dave Herrewig reveals that in 1943-44 more silver was utilized at the Allis Chalmers plant in West Allis than was employed for the combined silver Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mint coinages of those years. Silver substituted for copper in the electromagnets manufactured there for use at Oak Ridge, Tenn., for enriching uranium for the atomic bomb.

REGIONAL: Two interesting short articles drawing upon 2017 Central States Numismatic Society convention talks are featured in the Summer 2017 issue of its’ quarterly publication, The Centinel. Louise Boling addressed the Women in Numismatics organization’s meeting with the story of St. Barbara, the “Patron Saint of Those Who Make Things Go Boom.” She’s a dedicated collector of St. Barbara medals. Alan Schein delivered an educational program – “The Gold Indians of Bela Lyon Pratt” – revealing that lurking out there somewhere may be a singular surviving specimen example of the first 20 coins struck, before the design was adjusted for production by chief engraver Charles Barber, the “butcher at the Mint,” as dismissed by Pratt.

James Reinders in his President’s Message appearing in the July-September issue of the Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association The Nor’wester newsletter reveals the Oregon and Washington state fair boards view collector groups differently. The Oregon Fair does not feel the PNNA is “an appropriate” fit for a table in the “Hobby Hall,” as they are “very keen on revenue and had no place . . . without a very high cost to us.” The Washington Fair on the other hand provides a no charge table in a great location, as they “view us as an attraction.”

The passing of R.W. Colbert on March 23, 2017, was reported in the June 2017 issue of SETS News, the Southeast Token Society’s quarterly newsletter. Georgian Colbert was member #2. He was remembered as an exonumia author, cataloger of Georgia tokens and medals, and as the issuer of elongated coins and unique incuse engraved personal coins carrying his “R.W.C.” imprint.

NATIONAL: Editorship of The Fare Box, the monthly American Vecturist Association newsletter, commenced with the June 2017 issue by John W. McCain. He succeeds Keith Baron and Bob Schneider who held short tenures since early 2012, when John M. Coffee, Jr. died, ending a 757-issue  stretch from 1949 to 2012. McCain recalled his predecessor’s  saying; “A quarter is a quarter ... but a token has a character all its own ... It is a piece of history and a part of American character.”

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