2023 Bank Note Reporter December 2023 Digital Issue No. 12
Dec 01, 2023
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Description: BNR 2023-11-23
No. 1 Guide for Paper Money Collectors. Also features articles about rare notes from a rural town,...
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Columnists Mark Hotz and Peter Huntoon, Editor Sophia Mattimiro Market Analyst Bill Brandimore
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Coins Magazine, Vol. 70, No. 1 - January 2023 features collecting Barber half dollars, the coinage...
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Maggie Pahl
Sophia Mattimiro
Richard Giedroyc
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#1 US Coin Price Guide. Features include: Missed coin bargains, three dollar gold, half dollars with...
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Maggie Pahl - Editor,#Sophia Mattimiro - Editor,#Richard Giedroyc - Pricing Analyst
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#1 US Coin Price Guide. Features include: Morgan and Peace Dollars, tips for organizing your...
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Maggie Pahl - Editorial Director,#Sophia Mattimiro - Editor,#Richard Giedroyc - Market Analyst