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Description: American Eagles - More Than Just Bullion
created on Sep 25
Everyone loves gold coins. The problem of course for most is the cost of assembling anything close to a top quality gold coin collection. In the case of early U.S. gold coins, they are scarce.
Description: Assess dealers before you buy metals
Pat Heller
created on Jan 03
Background information for beginning the decision process on purchasing physical precious metals
Description: Coin Conditions and Grading
created on Sep 25
Coin valuations are given in four or five grades of preservation.
Description: Coin of the Year nominees announced
NumisMaster Staff
created on Jan 04
The following nominations kicked off the 2019 Coin of the Year competition.
Description: Collecting and Handling Coins
created on Sep 25
Read on for tips and comments on traditional collecting strategies and best practices for handling your collection.
Description: Grading Circulated U.S. Coins
created on Sep 24
When buying and sellling coins, it is very important to understand coin grading. Here we will help you learn to distinguish the difference between a circulated AU-50 coin and a G-4 coin and more.
Description: Grading Paper Money
created on Sep 28
Grading is the most controversial component of paper
money collecting. Small differences in grade can mean
significant differences in value.
Description: Grading Uncirculated U.S. Coins
created on Sep 28
The subjectivity of grading and the trend toward more classifications becomes more acute when venturing into uncirculated, or mint-state, coins
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