Coin of the Year nominees announced
The following nominations kicked off the 2019 Coin of the Year competition. Ten category winners will be chosen to vie for the top award, and all winners will be recognized on Feb. 2 at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.
All coins in this year’s contest are dated 2017.
Portugal, 7.5 Euro, Silver, Portuguese Architecture – Alvaro Siza, KM880
France, 50 Euro, Silver, Jean Paul Gaultier: Rooster (left), KM2428
Italy, 10 Euro, Silver, 150th Anniversary of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, KM407
Ivory Coast, 5000 francs, Silver, Elephant Relief, KM180
Canada, 10 Dollars, Silver, Birds Among Natures Colors: Chickadee, KM2358
United Kingdom, 5 pounds, Silver, Edinburgh Castle, KM1450
Cook Islands, 5 Dollars, Silver, Hummingbird, KM1847
Austria, 50 Euro, Gold, Sigmund Freud – Man & Woman Close Together with Eyes Closed, KM3273
Australia, 2 cent, Bronze, Stuart Devlin Revisiting a Vision (uncirculated), KM2738
Finland, 10 Euro, Silver, Eurostar (Liekki rug pattern with bear head denticles), KM261
Italy, 2 Euro, BiMetallic, 400th Anniversary of Completion of St Marks Bascillica, KM411
Canada, 2 Dollars, BiMetallic, My Canada, My Inspiration, KM2323.1
China, 500 Yuan, Gold/Silver, 35th Anniversary Bi Metallic Panda, KM2333
Poland, 5 Zlotych, BiMetallic, Central Industrial District, Y976
Estonia, 2 Euro, BiMetallic, Centennial of Independence, KM81
France, 2 Euro, BiMetallic, Fight Against Breast Cancer w/color ribbon (red), KM2363.1
Finland, 2 Euro, Bimetallic, Finnish Nature with Map of Moon, KM253
Slovenia, 2 Euro, Bimetallic, 10 Years for the intro of the Euro, KM130
Switzerland, 10 francs, Bimetallic, Gentian, KM164
United Kingdom, 2 pound, Bimetallic, The War in the Air, KM1440
Mauritania, 20 Ouguiya, TriMetallic, 2 Camels, KM15
Sri Lanka, 10 Rupees, Stainless Steel, 150 Years Ceylon Tea, KM191
Finland, 2 Euro, BiMetallic, 100th Anniversary, KM254
Australia, 2 Dollars, Aluminum Bronze, Hall of Memory Lest We Forget, KM2756
France, 2 Euro, BiMetallic (nickel/brass), The Thinker Sculpture & Rodin, KM2362
Lithuania, 2 Euro, BiMetallic, Vilnius Capitol of Culture, KM228
United States, 25 cents, Copper Nickel, Ellis Island, KM656
Germany, 5 Euro, Copper Nickel w/Red Polymer Ring, Tropical Zone, KM357
Peru, 1 Sol, Copper Nickel, Condor, KM405
United Kingdom, 50 pence, Copper Nickel, Isaac Newton, KM1430
Chad, 5000 Francs, Silver, African Lion (uncirculated), KM46
China, 10 Yuan, Silver, Bejing International Coin Exposition, KM2351
Nicaragua, 10 Codobas, Silver, Sea Turtle, KM118
South Africa, 1 Krugerand, Silver, 50th Anniversary of Krugerand, KM636
Canada, 20 Dollar, Silver, Polar Bear Footprints (Nature’s Impressions Series), KM2552
Hungary, 10000 Forint, Silver, 650th Anniversary of Foundation of University ofPecs, KM932
Finland, 20 Euro, Silver, Heimola Building – Finland’s Parliament, KM262
Poland, 1/100 Duckeat, Silver, Polish History Series, Y993
Solomon Islands, 5 Dollar, Silver, Dance of the World, KM616
Cook Islands, 5 Dollars, Silver, Scarab – Red Dawn, KM1850
China, 10 yuan, Silver, 70th Anniversary of Inner Mongolia, KM2369
France, 10 Euro, Silver, Spirit of St Louis, KM2375
Australia, 5 Dollars, Silver, Queen’s Baton Relay, KM2758
Republic of Cameroun, 3000 Francs, Silver, 70th Anniversary of Roswell, KM96
Czech Republic, 200 Korun, Silver, 75th Anniversary of Operation Anthropoid, KM170
South Africa, 2 Rand, Silver, Heart Transplant, KM619
Italy, 5 Euro, BiMetallic, 50th Anniversary of Antonio de Curtis, KM402
Falkland Islands, 1 Silver, 35th anniversary of liberation, KM191a
British Antarctic Territory, 2 Pounds, Silver with color, Larsen B Ice Shelf, KM18
Canada, 50 Dollars, Silver, Peace Tower Clock 90th Anniversary, KM2510
Poland, $500 Zlotych, Gold, Treasures of Stanislaw August, Y1003
United States, 100 Dollars, Gold, 225th Anniversary Mint, KM668
United Kingdom, 1/4 oz, Gold, Brittania, KM1485
South Africa, 50 Rand, Gold, Two Leaping Springbox/Pracing, KM649
Spain, 100 Euro, Gold, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, KM1402
Samoa, 50 Dollars, Gold, US Capitol Interior of Rotunda, KM397
Mongolia, 1000 Tugrik, Gold, The Sable, KM374
Austria, 100 Euro, Gold, Alpine Ibex 1oz, KM32724
China, 80 Yuan, Gold, 35th Anniversary of Panda Hologram, KM2332
Australia, 100 Dollars, Gold, Southern Sky, KM649
China, 100 Yuan, Gold, Confucious, KM 2362
Australia, 10 Dollars, Gold, Trans Australian Railroad, KM2760
Cook Islands, 20 Dollars, Silver, 100 Anniversary Graf Zeppelin, KM1855
Austria, 20 Euro, Silver, Vienna Philharmonic 175th Anniversary, KM3269
Bhutan, 50 NG, Silver, 325 Years of Para Taktsang, KM242
Canada, 100 Dollar, Silver, Vimy Ridge, KM2515
Czech Republic, $200 Korun, Silver, 100th Anniversary – Czech Astronomical Society, KM166
Spain, 300 Euro, Silver, History of the Dollar, KM1404
Germany, 20 Euro, Silver, Reformation 500 Years, KM359
Finland, 100 Euro, Gold, 100th Anniversary liberation, KM265
Canada, 100 Dollars, Silver – with gold plating, Sculpted Grizzly Bear, KM2516
Canada, 20 Dollars, Silver, Bat in front of moon, KM2456
British Virgin Islands, 1 Dollar, Silver, Capitol Coin, KM513
Cook Islands, 5 Dollars, Silver, Time Capsule, KM1852
Niue, 2 Dollar, 2oz. silver plated with gold, Gilt Globe, KM1968
South Africa, 1/50 Gold Krugerand, Gold, 50th Anniversary of Krugerand (smallest diameter gold coin produced), KM638
Latvia, Set of (2) 2.5 Euros, Silver, Eduards Veidenbaums spectacles set, KM192 & KM193
Tuvalu, 2 Dollars, Silver (2oz. antique), Compass inserted in center of coin, KM346
Palau, 20 Dollars, Silver, Great Micromosaic Passion (5000+ minted tiles) BIRTH OF VENUS Botticelli Great Micromosaic Passion, KM562
Australia, 1 Cent to 5 Dollars, Various, Ten-Coin Collections – Planetary Coins, MS100
China, 10 Yuan, Silver, Tour of Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race, KM2375
Australia, 5 Dollars, Silver, Front Line Angels (WWI) – RAM, KM2759
Poland, Ten Zlotych, Silver, 35th Anniversary of Fighting Solidarity, Y982
Cook Islands, 5 Dollars, Silver, Murrine Millefiori Glass Art, KM1848
Hungary, 10000 Forint, Silver, 200 Anniversary of Birth of Zsuzsanna Kossuth (field nurse), KM929
South Africa, 5 Rand, Gold, Nelson Mandela – “Evil Ultimately Lives in Fear of and under threat from the uncompromising commitment to justice, fairness and human compassion,” KM626
Canada, 50 Dollar, Silver (10oz.), Tree of Life, KM2553
Australia, 1 Dollar, Silver, Many Never Returned – Perth, KM2779
Kazakhstan, 500 Tenge, Silver with gold plating, Dombyra with gilding and diamond, KM365
United States, 1 Dollar, Silver, Boys Town, KM660
Switzerland, 20 Franc, Silver, Yodeling, KM166
United States, 1 Dollar, Silver, Lion’s Club, KM658
Cayman Islands, 1 Dollar, Silver, Marlin, KM165
South Korea, 5000 Yuan, Silver, Olympic Figure Skating, KM139
France, $50 Euro, Silver, Guy Savoy French Excellence (Egg), KM2431
Bulgaria, 10 Lev, Silver, Bridge Near Byala – 150th Anniversary of Construction of the bridge, KM345
Latvia, 5 Euro, Silver, Fairytales, KM188
Canada, 100 Dollar, Silver, 1867 Confederation Medal (10oz.), KM2521
Japan, 1000 Yen, Silver, Asian Games, Y260
Austria, 10 Euro, Silver, Gabriel the Revealing Angel, KM3268a