The content on the NumisMaster platform is accessible via subscriptions. As an institution, you can request access to the different subscriptions or individuals publications. These requests are then picked up by the NumisMaster administrator where the request is processed and access is provided to the content for the institution and its users.
How do my institutions users get access to the content?
There are two type of user profiles on the NumisMaster platform – member users & roaming users.
Member users are created by the institution (e.g. professors / library staff), have a direct link to the institution, and can access the content when both inside the defined IP address range and also when outside this (e.g. off-campus).
Roaming users are created by users who are inside the defined IP address range of an institution e.g. a student on Campus. Whilst they are within this IP address range they can access the collection content the institution has subscribed too – if a user wants access to more personal features e.g. create notes, bookmark content or request access they will need to create an account.
Once a roaming user moves outside of the IP range (e.g. off-campus) they can log into the site but are unable to access the institutions collection content. A roaming user could also visit a different institution who has access to different content, login with the same credentials and browse that content.