FAQs for Institutional Subscribers
Where does my institution name display on the NumisMaster platform? Can I change it?
The name of the subscribing institution displays in the footer of all pages on the NumisMaster platform.
We detect institutional subscription access via IP address. If you need to make changes to the display name or add IP addresses for your subscription, please contact us.
How does my institution get access to content?
The content on the NumisMaster platform is accessible via subscriptions. As an institution, you can request access to the different subscriptions or individuals publications. These requests are then picked up by the NumisMaster administrator where the request is processed and access is provided to the content for the institution and its users.
How do my institutions users get access to the content?
There are two type of user profiles on the NumisMaster platform – member users & roaming users.
Member users are created by the institution (e.g. professors / library staff), have a direct link to the institution, and can access the content when both inside the defined IP address range and also when outside this (e.g. off-campus).
Roaming users are created by users who are inside the defined IP address range of an institution e.g. a student on Campus. Whilst they are within this IP address range they can access the collection content the institution has subscribed too – if a user wants access to more personal features e.g. create notes, bookmark content or request access they will need to create an account.
Once a roaming user moves outside of the IP range (e.g. off-campus) they can log into the site but are unable to access the institutions collection content. A roaming user could also visit a different institution who has access to different content, login with the same credentials and browse that content.
How do my users request access to content?
Member users (created by an institution) as well as roaming users (profiles created by users who are accessing the site with the Institutions defined IP address range) can request access to subscriptions or individuals publications. The request is first sent to the user’s institution who can then decide whether to forward onto the NumisMaster administrator to action or reject.
N.B. When these users (members & roaming users) are not within the institutions defined IP range they cannot request access to subscriptions or publications.
Does the NumisMaster platform supply MARC catalog records to help catalogers?
The NumisMaster platforms’ MARC records are available to download for institutional subscriber accounts only via each Collection. Simply go to “Subscriptions”, choose the collection you require e.g. “All content” and click the “Download MARC records” button.
Do you provide usage statistics?
Usage statistics will be available to institutional subscriber accounts and can be downloaded from the “Analytics” area of the institutional account profile. If additional reports are desired, please contact us to discuss how we can provide you with the information you need.
What is the NumisMaster platform status regarding accessibility and Section 508 compliance?
We are committed to providing a web site that is accessible to all individuals and continually works to improve access for people with disabilities. We are in the process of making the site WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant. Please check our Accessibility page for further information.
Using the site
How do off-campus users gain access to the platform?
Member users can log into the site and access the institutional subscribed to content. Roaming users should use their institutional VPN to access content within your institutional subscription – as they need to be with the defined IP address range of the institution.
How do users access the content offline?
Authorized users associated with your institution can print chapters or save them as PDFs through the print function. Terms of use indicate that a single copy can be printed for personal use only.
Are the URLs for content on the NumisMaster platform stable? Can we link directly to the content?
The links are permanent IDs that should continue to work for the life of the platform. Librarians and faculty members at subscribing institutions can link directly to NumisMaster platform content from electronic reserves and online class syllabi. No special permission is required to link to chapters or pages.
How are citations generated?
The automatically generated citation formats follow what have been established by the OSCI project (http://www.getty.edu/foundation/initiatives/current/osci/). Our citations provide direct permanent links to specific selected text within a chapter, which goes beyond a general book or chapter citation.
Nojumi, Neamat. American State-Building in Afghanistan and Its Regional Consequences. Lanham: NumisMaster Publishers, 2017. Accessed June 21, 2018. https://www.mywebsite.com/?id=-209115.
The links are permanent IDs that should continue to work for the life of the platform.
If a user cites a work from the NumisMaster platform and a reader down this chain of transmission does not have access to the site, the reader will be presented with a catalog page that provides general information about the chapter with a link to login to access it via an institutional subscription.
How can I cite works without the page number?
The web link citation provides book, chapter, and publication information. Page numbers are unnecessary for a well-formed citation; the link provided within the citation has a specific “ID” that points directly to the section cited within the text.
What are the permitted uses of content on the NumisMaster platform
General permitted usage includes:
Searching and browsing the content of the site
Printing of single copies to the extent permitted by Copyright Law
Sharing links to the content
Usage of content for publication purposes may require users to request permissions from the applicable rights holder. Please review the current Terms of Use available on the website.
Will there be restrictions on the amount of content that can be printed?
Like many other scholarly platforms, the publication content is DRM free. The platform allows individual users to print single, individual chapters. Please review the Terms of Use on the website for permitted uses.
Is it permissible for NumisMaster platform chapters to be included in institutional repositories?
Content provided through the NumisMaster platform may not be stored in repositories. All book, chapter, coursepack, and images have “share” links, which can be easily copied and pasted within your LMS.